#75 : How Rapchat got to 7 million with Seth Miller, founder and CEO at Rapchat


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Everybody loves music, right? Maybe not the same music, but all the songs you want to hear are at your fingertips. What if you want to do more than just listen, like create and write music? Our today’s guest, to tell you the story of an app growth, is Seth Miller, CEO at Rapchat, which lets you create music and beats without using a computer to be heard, record, share, and get noticed. Today’s Topics Include: ✔️ Rhyme Time: It’s like Snapchat for rap, so just call it Rapchat ✔️ Game Changer: Viral loop of ability to create and share songs with more than friends ✔️ Retention: Build a great product/product market fit to minimize app users’ churn ✔️ Recording Studio: Too many core

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