#73: User Acquisition via Influencer Marketing with Lucia Aguilar, Founder at TATAM.digital


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It’s mostly certain that many of you may being following so-called influencers on social media. You may follow Kim Kardasian or The Rock on Instagram or one of the came-out-of-nowhere girl or guy on TikTok who turned out to be so cool. And every once in a while you may even buy something that they introduced you to in videos. In other words – you know what is Influencer marketing first hand. By now – it’s a huge industry. On this episode we have Lucia of TATAM.digital influencer marketing agency to tell you about why and how this brand new kind of online marketing can help you acquire users for your beloved app. Today’s Topics Include: ✔️ Lucia’s path from Unilever to own influencer marketing

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