Ep.62: Recovery Happy Hour and Life Beyond The Bottle with Tricia Lewis


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Are you worried you won’t have fun without alcohol?

Is FOMO (the fear of missing out) keeping you drinking?

Can’t imagine what life would look like without happy hours?

Wondering if there is (actually) life beyond the bottle?

You’re not alone!

My guest today is Tricia Lewis, the creator and host of the Recovery Happy Hour. She’s here to talk about the concerns a lot of women have about life without alcohol. For years Trica was emotionally and physically addicted to alcohol but was really good at making it look like she didn’t have a problem. In November 2016, she decided that balancing a life of being an entrepreneur and a high functioning alcoholic was too much to handle. She quit drinking and learned how to recover as hard as she drank without looking back.

I’m a huge fan of Tricia’s podcast, The Recovery Happy Hour.

The Recovery Happy Hour celebrates inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction, gray area alcohol abuse and what happens AFTER you get sober.

For full show notes and to get the resources mentioned in this episode, head over to www.hellosomedaycoaching.com/62

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