Ep. 67: Healthy Coping Mechanisms For Stress And How To Model Them For Your Kids


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How many of us learned healthy coping mechanisms for managing stress, anxiety or depression when we were kids?

If our parents didn’t model for us healthy ways to cope with the normal human emotions of overwhelm, loneliness, resentment, anger or fear, it’s easy to emulate their patterns or buy into the narrative that alcohol will help us take the edge off and relax after a hard day.

And if you’re the parent of tweens or teens, asking them to not drink or experiment with drugs, it’s hard to reconcile that message with opening a bottle of wine every night.

One of the reasons that kids start using alcohol and drugs is because they don’t know how to manage and cope with their emotions. And in order to help them it’s important for parents to be present in order to model for children how to manage their own emotions.

Today I’m talking with Brenda Zane, a Mayo Clinic Certified Health, Wellness Coach and Parent Coach, whose work supports moms of kids with substance use disorder. Her mission is to help moms maintain their health and sanity as they navigate the chaos and fear of having a child who’s misusing drugs or alcohol.

We’re talking about how to build healthy coping skills for negative emotions and stressful situations and how to model those coping mechanisms for your children.

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