Ep. 53: Sugar, Diets and Early Sobriety


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Let's talk about sugar, diets and early sobriety.

This topic comes up all the time with women who are trying to stop drinking because they’re fearful of replacing overconsumption of alcohol with food.

Common advice in early sobriety is to let go of your ‘food rules’, go ahead and eat the Peanut M&Ms, have dessert and don’t get too hungry. But a lot of women resist this advice.

Instead, they try to combine their efforts to stop drinking with a new eating program or diet, only to find in a few weeks that they’ve gone back to drinking and are starting the whole process again.

There are also other reasons to stay away from dieting and I’ve got the perfect guest to talk about it all.

Ingrid Michelsen Miller is a Diet Recovery and Weight-Neutral Life Coach who helps women find freedom from binging and weight-cycling. Ingrid was one of the first friends I met in early sobriety and we quit drinking just 60 days apart.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve navigated life without alcohol together (and the day this episode goes live, April 15th, 2021, is Ingrid’s 5 Year Soberversary!)

In this episode, Ingrid and I dive into diet culture: what it is and what it does to us, why we should let go of food rules in early sobriety, and the reason that trying to make our bodies smaller is counterproductive.

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