Ep 079: Stop Putting up with Bullshit feat. Kane Holloway


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Are you ready to stop putting up with bullshit? Leanna and Jared welcome Kane Holloway, comedian and podcast host of the Don't Take Bullsh*t from F*ckers and Well Actually podcasts. Kane gives the inside scoop of how he got into comedy, how he created/co-created his podcasts and how he's helping people get rid of fuckers. Then the three get deep as Kane opens up about his first love, how he started recognizing toxic patterns, and how he learned to stop taking bullshit from fuckers. Jared and Kane bond over similar childhoods, relationships with their dads and then the three bond over crying. Kane discusses what he's learned about relationships between his divorce and most recent breakup, and finally, they wrap it up with dreams of hand jobs and soaking. It's a raw, vulnerable and hilarious episode you don't want to miss! Follow Kane on instagram @kaneholloway and visit his website www.kaneholloway.com for access to his "Two Jacket" special, podcasts and more!

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