182 - On Purpose: A Client’s Perspective on a Facilitated Project with Sandy Wilson (Part 2)


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What is it like to be on ‘the other side' of the workshop — to be a participant or a client?

This podcast has always focused on conversations with facilitators, but perspectives from clients are just as valuable for understanding our work and processes.

Hence, why this episode features Sandy Wilson, Director of Culture and Learning at Insights Learning and Development. In 2021, Insights initiated a company-wide facilitated LEGO Serious Play project, dubbed ‘On Purpose’.

I’m shocked that it’s taken me 182 episodes to host an episode from the clients perspective, but it was more than worth the wait. Enjoy a bounty of unique and unmissable insights in this episode.

Find out about:

  • How Sandy (and his organisation) decided to choose LEGO Serious Play
  • What it’s like to lead an organisational project without a clear expected outcome
  • Why a focus on identification and exploration was critical to creating change
  • How the organisation adopted a snowball-effect of permissionless progress
  • Why ‘extroverted thinking’ dominates in management structures and how to facilitate the inclusion introverted perspectives
  • How they conducted the search for an external facilitator and what made candidates stand out
  • The struggle to confidently link organisational changes to individual projects

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