How we opened up the portal to call in our spirit babies


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This year we are stepping with my husband into a new dimension of our lives.

One that we have never experienced or explored before yet it energetically feels right.

And because I believe that when we are sharing our journey we can inspire others to create their own here I am sharing how we have created a portal to call in our spirit babies.

Last year when I got connected with Dr. Katherine Zagone for a completely different reason than fertility little did I know that we will be in a few months working together.

It makes me smile to realize how grand Life is and how is it always leading us exactly when we need to be and meet who we need to meet.

One of those beautifully aligned connections was Dr. Katherine who helped us to get aligned energetically, physically and healthwise with our super babies, because after the year we had last year (two deaths and one wedding - wasn’t there a movie like that?) we really were thankful to be supported by our Dr.

And yesterday, on March 5th, 2022 we created a private little ceremony at home to open up the portal, the door, for our spirit babies. So they know we are ready, loving and open.

We created sacred space and honored all the 4 elements: Fire, water, air, and earth. We made a sacred cacao and nourishing snacks and declare our vows and promises to babies who chose us as parents.

My husband also did a womb massage with affirmations with our flower oil from Bali.

We are not “trying: to get pregnant.

We are intentional about our conscious conception.

And I am inviting you to do the same.

Whether you are intending to call in your babies, or create other miracles in your life, pause for a little bit, set an intention and be conscious.

It isn’t about achieving the next thing in your life, it is about living the life that fulfills you while evolving.

I love you, I see you, I receive you

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