How to transmute the deepest intimate shadows through zodiac energies with Mariliis Molder


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On this episode, we talked about:

Using words as pleasure and bliss Carrying trauma and shame Having an energetic space Purifying your mind and body We all have different needs Becoming one with the universe Breathing in and out consciously Being in the present moment Every breath is a blessing Touching your body is sacred

"If you want to have a good relationship, you have to work on yourself first and next in the relationship"

"There is so much desire and need for the connection rather than the punishment when you are really connected with your partner"

"The one thing that people can do to calm down is being more aware of your breath"

About Mariliis:

Mariliis is an intuitive channel dedicated to bringing more light to Earth by empowering and connecting us to our own unique inner essence.

She lives in Bali with her beloved and works mostly online. She offers energy clearings, esoteric astrology readings and awakening integration support.

Ig: @astrologyofwellbeing


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