How to stop outsorcing your worthiness


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Are you still unconsciously outsourcing your worthiness?

Do you ever feel like new layers of things you thought you have overcome and healed come up from completely unexpected places?

For me it was today with my in head discussion:

Wash my hair OR not to wash my hair today….

It might sound trivial BUT hear me out 🤪

I was telling myself today that I don’t have to wash my hair because I won’t be doing any coaching calls or interviews so no one will see me…

Sounds logical right?

YET in this scenario, I’m putting others in front of how I feel about myself.

Like I care more about how others feel/ and think of me than I do.

So I chose the second scenario.

Because I realize that it doesn’t matter who is watching or not….

I’m with myself 24/7 and when I feel better I manifest better 🤍

Here is to making decisions for US and choosing what feels good to us vs what the world might think.

What are you choosing to do for yourself today?

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