How to run a 6 figure spiritual business from a place of ease and flow with Jessica Hutto


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On this episode, we talked about:

Being a people pleaser Knowing what feels good Feeling safe in my body Coming from a place of compassion and understanding Power without hustle As we evolve, we see things different Seeing how far you can go Allowing myself to be who I really am Getting in touch with your higher self Knowing who you really are What do you desire? Helping others remember their goddess energy

"Human design has given me this road map, this structure that tells me how to show up in the world and helps me to balance my feminine energy"

"Human design helps us to come back to a healthy version of the masculine"

"Getting in touch with your higher self and having your higher self speak to you because it will always tell you where to go"

About Jessica:

Jessica is a highly regarded spiritual healer, Human Design guide, & business mentor. She firmly believes running a successful 6 figure spiritual business is possible from a place of ease, and flow by owning your Divine Feminine energy and following your unique design.

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