How to reprogram your mind for success and abundance


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Do you ever feel like something else is running your life? Like no matter how much you are working on changing things on the outside you keep feeling the same on the inside? See, before age 7 our minds are in the Theta state that is the most susceptible to programming.

That’s how programs are unconsciously created that are later running our lives.

The first step to rewriting that programming is realizing that there is a program that keeps running in the background and also looking at the results you are getting in your life.

As you choose to look with honesty you will see that so many things you are doing daily are automatic.

Like waking up, grabbing your phone, or answering emails and messages late at night.

To reprogram your mind you get to set new boundaries and tone of your day and night.

In the morning, right upon waking up and also at night before falling asleep is when you are again in the theta state of your mind where you can reprogram yourself with more ease.

You can choose it through: Meditation





The choice is up to you, yet you get to commit to consistency as the repetition truly is what makes a big difference.

Just think about the times you were learning the alphabet, riding a bike or driving a car.

It took time to master it with repetition, and how worth it was right? Let me know what your first and last hour of your day looks like?

Ps. I love you, I see you, I receive you

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