How to honor your soul’s desire not your small self wants


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Do you ever ask yourself what are you honoring? The moments you are feeling resistance in your life and are not sure how to move forward I invite you to check IN with yourself like I was invited to by my husband.

Last weekend when I scheduled a meeting with a beautiful soul I have connected online, Missy the astrologer, I completely forgot about the meeting and then I was facing resistance.

The thoughts in my mind were: Do I really want to go? I am being so in my flow and creating.

I would have to take a taxi. I will need to get ready and head out again….

All these thoughts were making me feel smaller, they were irritating and frustrating me.

So I asked my amazing hubby how can I best decide. He invited me to check in on what I am honoring? There is no right or wrong AND you get to check IN and see….

Are you honoring your commitments? Are you honoring your word? Are you honoring your body? Are you honoring your energy? Are you honoring the inspired ideas?


Are you honoring your comfort? Are you honoring your ego? Are you honoring your small self who wants to keep you small and exactly where you are?

No right or wrong answer my love,

Just awareness… and awareness is a key to an abundant, fulfilling and joyful life.

What are you honoring today?

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