How to get back into your flow of inspiration


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Feeling guilty and ashamed when taking time for yourself?

Trust me, you are not alone.

In this fast-paced society we are being told to work hard, hustle, perform and when we are not feeling like doing we are being labeled lazy or procrastinators.

Yet when you think of the quote from Lao Tzu: Nature doesn’t rush yet gets everything done.

Is another powerful reminder to reconnect with nature, to remember that we are not human DOings but human BEings and we get to give ourselves full permission to BE where we are.

The seasons and energies of where we are will change, and that is normal.

You get to learn to check in and see what season you are in and honor that.

For the last couple of months I was on an inward journey, in a season that I wanted to be alone, just do things for me and to be in a reflective vs creative state.

I even wondered if I will ever feel like doing anything yet.

The moment that I stopped questioning myself and the desire to not to do anything was the time that I got inspired again.

Inspired to attend retreats, workshops, hire personal assistants, hire new virtual assistants, and to create new programs and courses.

One of them is Aligned with Love, 4 weeks online group coaching program for women to align with love. Not only love in partnership but also with love with themselves, life and their purpose.

What season are you in now? And what is inspiring you these days?

Ps. To learn about Aligned with Love click this link:

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