How to feel embodied and connected to yourself with Melissa Martin


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On this episode, we talked about:

Embodiment's all about truth Honoring what I desire Taking responsibility for our actions Feeling disassociated with pleasure Feeling into the body Noticing my body and my feelings Making every experience of life pleasurable We are emotional beings You will remember experiences Listening to your intuition

"Embodiment it's being in my body, being in my purpose, being in my truth, and that means that I am always on the path of bringing presence to my current reality"

"I was choosing unconsciously relationships that would trigger all the bad things in me"

"With great levels of pleasure also comes the polarity of great levels of pain and learning how to hold that"

About Melissa:

Melissa Martin is an abundance expert, business coach, host of the Boldly Courageous podcast, creator of the Ignite Academy for Network Marketers and Co-Founder of Ladies Aligned which is an online media outlet for conscious entrepreneurs.

After losing her job in the Financial Service Industry and landing herself in over $100k of debt, Melissa was introduced to the powerful vehicle of Network Marketing. Over the course of 7 years, Melissa built an organization of over 5,000 people and earned over 1 Million dollars.

After hitting a few plateaus in her business, Melissa began to learn that the key to success was not found in someone else’s strategy, but from doing her own inner work and tapping into her own authentic voice. Taking ownership of her growth and leading from a place of true authenticity eventually led to her speaking on several stages, hosting women empowerment events and leading others to their own version of success.

In 2019 when her network marketing company restructured and she lost her business within 60 days, Melissa decided to pivot out of Network Marketing and teach others in the industry the secrets to building a business from a place of true authenticity and alignment.

Today as a coach, public speaker, event host and content creator, Melissa is passionate about helping people breakthrough money mindset blocks and uncover their self-worth so that they may radiate authentically, lead with authority and attract abundance with ease.

When she’s not serving in her business, you can find Melissa traveling the world, having deep conversations with friends, playing in nature or spending time with her dog Maya.

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