How to create stressfree Christmas and receive the biggest gift


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Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not you will be feeling the collective energy around you.

And that will give you two options:

You can either be stressing about spending money, not having enough time, worrying about calories and feeling rushed.


You can see Christmas time to be the time to slow down, to re-assess, re-align and to be fully present.

Because my love is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.

To be fully present, joyful and happy.

Imagine a world that we are really feeling all thankful, present, and joyful.

Even if for one day, heck even for a moment, if we are all in the vibration of appreciation and being present we are shifting the energy of the whole world.

So I invite you today to ask yourself: How can I be even more present? How can I celebrate what is? How can I slow down? What can I appreciate?

You are such a special gift to this world, my love.

Allow the Universe to unpack you with all your wholeness and share yourself with the world.

It needs you.

I love you, I see you, I receive you!

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