How to create a lasting happiness in your life with Carla Simpson


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On this episode, we talked about:

Living an unconscious life Discovering how to find happiness in myself Letting go of expectations Creating happiness in our life Creating a daily conscious living Being the best person that you can be

"I realized that I was living a completely unconscious life, and I wanted to live consciously"

"We have to realize what's not bringing us joy so that we can create space to bring you more of what does"

"If you get silent and come back to your real you, you will be able to find your true happy"

About Carla:

Carla Simpson is a yoga guru, motivational speaker, and world traveler. She opened two successful business franchises, Anytime Fitness, and founded Happy Hot Yoga. Both of these franchises were built from scratch. She is also a host of the podcast Get Happy Hour.

As a motivational speaker, she has traveled from different parts of the globe where she helps and reminds others that happiness is a conscious choice.

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