How to align with your cycles to amplify your feminine power with Alexis Sabatino


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On this episode, we talked about:

We are addicted to our drive

Softening into my yin - my feminine flow

What would devotion look and feel like

Turning our self-care into forced structure

Do things to FEEL vs to achieve

Release rigidity in your life

Choose from your rituals what’s most nourishing

Your cycle is 28-30 days

Tune into your feminine

Birth, rejuvenate and restore

Knowing your body and hormones

Tune into when you are ovulating

"I want the younger self of mine to know that she has all the power to manifest all of her desires "

"What helps me to trust is to tap into devotion vs discipline"

"Women are cyclical so your rituals get to change with cycles"

About Alexis:

Alexis Sabatino is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Modern Medicine Womxn & Founder of She Heals Collective. She uses Nutrition, Energy Medicine & Embodiment to facilitate radical transformation journeys for feminine entrepreneurs, leaders, healers & artists. She is deeply passionate about teaching womxn how to align their life, body, & business with their feminine rhythms & cycles. She Heals Collective is a space for awakening womxn to reclaim their radiant health, wisdom & power!

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