#142 AHCC - The Functional Food You‘ve Never Heard, Of But Need To Know About with Mimi Lindquist


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Mimi Lindquist (nicknamed The Mushroom Queen) is a Culinary Nutrition Expert, AHCC educator and host of The Medicin Podcast, which focuses on expansion for body, mind + relationship. Mimi teaches people every day via online courses, social media and her podcast how to incorporate more medicinal mushrooms into their lifestyle in easy and delicious ways. She believes the dynamic intelligence of mushrooms belong in all of us, so she has committed herself to being a link from clinical research to the public to help others take radical ownership of their health.

We discuss:

Mimi’s health journey & how she became the mushroom queen

AHCC - symptoms/conditions it helps & success stories

Why don’t we hear about some of these amazing functional foods in the mainstream media

Recommend dosing

What is HPV & remedies to help your immune system clear it naturally


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