Interview with Ian Morgan


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Ian Morgan is a 52-year-old Ultra Marathoner, who came to the sport later in life, having been a Cross Country runner in his youth. He's made a name for himself in the Masters World of marathon and ultra running. A lot of this is down to his fitness improvements from being 103kg at 38; to a now a lean 75kg, giving up his former corporate life after life changing events in his native New Zealand (the Christchurch earthquake, and heart surgery), to becoming a fully paid (not much, but enough), sponsored athlete. Having re-married and moved to Spain, his outlook and life have changed irreversibly. While his journey may appear on the surface another 'Instagram body transformation' I knew Ian's choices and change were down to his mindset. In this interview, his first with a Sport Psych, he outlines how mindset and behaviour changes have made the biggest difference in his life and subsequent running and fitness. This week he runs the 100km race at UTMB - the World's most famous Ultra, with his wife Fran. We wish him all the best and hope you enjoy the show.

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