#342 – Mike G feat. Lil B, Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop, Ben LaMar Gay, Grouper, Disrupt, Lotic - 27 September 2021


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A mellow but extraordinarily varied podcast this week, as we explore some of the latest releases across the musical spectrum. From Japanese folk to ferocious noise rock, stopping off at hip hop, Indonesian avant garde experimentation, roots reggae, and library music. There’s a lot to enjoy on this relatively short – but packed full of goodness – episode of the Independent Music Podcast.

Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop – Council of Draags pt.I (Fire Records, UK)
Disrupt – Setting Out (Zonedog, Germany)
Ben LaMar Gay – Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You. (feat. Ohmme) (International Anthem, USA)
Tamami Pearl – 竹田の子守唄 (Kashual Plastik, Germany)
X’ed Out – Bathe In It (Human Worth, UK)
Mike G feat. Lil B – Champion (All City Records, Ireland)
Lotic – Emergency (Houndstooth, UK)
Aryo Adhianto – Mikr (Divisi62, Indonesia)
Grouper – Unclean Mind (Kranky, USA)
Danny Red & Jah Disciple – Tell Jah Sorry (Blackboard Jungle, France)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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