#338 - KUUNATIC, Lia Mice, HTRK, Amazondotcom, Ben Chasny, The Parrots - 30 August 2021


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From punk black metal to fingerpicking folk, via the "mind-spanking workouts" of the fabulous Ábris Gryllus and bouncy electronics of Lia Mice, there's pretty much something for everyone on this week's podcast.


Betamax vs Clive Bell - Visions (Byrd Out, UK)

KUUNATIC - Tītián (Glitterbeat Records, Germany)

HTRK - Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones (N&J Blueberries, Australia)

Ábris Gryllus - OBJECT 09 (The Death of Rave, UK)

Lia Mice - We Dance Back to Back

Arcanist - Drinking Blood (Moonworshipper Records, USA)

Ben Chasny - Water Dragon (Drag City, USA)

Amazondotcom - LA Fiction (SUBREAL, USA)

Anastasia Kristensen - Volshebno (Stretched) (Houndstooth, UK)

The Parrots - You Work All Day and Then You Die (Heavenly Recordings, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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