#337 – Pink Siifu, 700 Bliss, Jamaica!! meets Sly & the Family Drone, Me Lost Me, Leon Duncan, Still - 16 August 2021


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Percussive music from Nairobi kicks us off this week on a usually eclectic Independent Music Podcast. We have avant-folk from Newcastle, the latest extraordinary hiphop experiments from Pink Siifu, a new electronic label from Shanghai, a collaboration between Jamaica!! and pod favourites Sly & the Family Drone, and lots more.

Leon Duncan – Rucio (Hakuna Kulala, Uganda)
Me Lost Me – Acrobat on the Roof (self-release, UK)
Pink Siifu – BACK’! (Field-Left, USA)
Still – Half Hands Won’t Hold (Trepanation Recordings, UK)
Leo – Latex Skies (Youth, UK)
Smote – Hauberk (Rocket Recordings, UK)
700 Bliss – Passionfruit (self-release, USA)
Jamaica ! ! Meets Sly & the Family Drone – Celebrating The End Together In The Good Time Swamp (self-release, UK)
Radiax & Pakin – NAMIDAME (Gully Riddim, China)
Rapid Ear Damage – Channels (self-release, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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