Tylar Witt's Diary


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When Joanne Witt was brutally murdered in her own home, she had been working as a civil engineer, supporting her daughter on her own. Being a single mother to a rebellious young teen is not easy, but Joanne was devoted, hardworking, and loving. After all, her daughter Tylar was the center of her world.
Join us at the quiet end for Tylar Witt’s Diary. Tylar, at age fourteen, was angry and out of control. When she entered into a sexual relationship with an older man, Joanne tried everything she could think of to stop it and help her daughter make better decisions. But Tylar’s relationship with nineteen-year-old Steven Colver was like a runaway train. No amount of parental love or discipline could derail it. Focused on saving her daughter, it was Joanne who paid the ultimate price for love.

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