The Good Daughter: Karrie Neurauter


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In 2017, 45-year-old Lloyd Neurauter told his 19-year-old daughter, Karrie, that he couldn’t afford to pay child support to her mother, Michele, anymore. He shared his plan A and plan B with Karrie: He could either murder Karrie’s mother or he would take his own life. Lloyd was definitely leaning toward murdering Michele. But he couldn’t do it alone. He needed help.
Join us at the quiet end for The Good Daughter. Karrie Neurauter was a successful college student, due to graduate in just one year, when she agreed to help her father get away with the murder of her mother. She assisted in the set-up, an alibi, the cover-up, and getting her 14-year-old sister out of the way. Today we’re talking about the Neurauter family dynamics, Lloyd’s cold-blooded plans, and the reasons why Karrie made the choices she did.

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