Loved to Death: Ryan Poston


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Shayna Hubers called 911 on October 12, 2012 to report that she had killed her boyfriend in self-defense. According to Shayna, Ryan Poston had beaten her and he was reaching for a gun when she grabbed it and shot him. She said that Ryan was throwing her around the room like a ragdoll, into furniture, the walls, and onto the floor. He was evil, she said, and he deserved what he got.
But evidence did not support Shayna’s version of events. Family, friends, and acquaintances would come forward to describe a very different reality from what Shayna had described; a reality where Shayna was obsessed with Ryan and he was a kind man who had been trying to break up with her for months.
Join us at the quiet end for Loved to Death. Ryan Poston was a 29-year-old attorney with a bright future ahead. He even had a date with a beauty queen planned for the night he was killed. But Shayna claimed that he had a dangerous temper and that she was a victim of domestic violence. Was it possible that only Shayna had seen this dark side of Ryan or was Shayna a manipulative, cold-blooded killer who would rather see Ryan dead than see him with another woman?

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