#157 Mads Torgersen, C# 10, Part 1


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Mads Torgersen talks to me about the upcoming release of C# 10.


Who he is, what he does. The design team. Danes and language design. Aims for C# 10; yearly cadence; simplification, removing boiler plate; minimal API, fuller lambda expression. Relationship with .NET team. Users driving changes. Picking the changes to make; championing a change request. Versioning, guidelines vs rules. New features Mads likes, global using, struct records, with expressions. Moving from C# 9 to 10, suggestions and fixes in Visual Studio, what about VS Code. Is .NET 6 a Framework? Naming challenges. Many ways to do the same thing in C#. ''Modern C#'' - a sliding window of how to use the current C#. Newer features improve the code, not just the semantics. A new math feature that Mads is excited about; static abstract members on interfaces. What didn't make it into C# 10. The compiler team building the language.

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