The Murder of John Mike Crites


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John Mike Crites, or Mike as he was known by, was living in his dream location on an 80 acre property in Birdseye, Montana, just outside of Helena, Montana. But, the dream turned into a nightmare when a series of property disputes began occurring with multiple neighbors. Then, in 2011, Mike suddenly vanished with out a trace and his friends and family began searching for him. Later that year, someone found remains in two trash bags that turned out to be Mike Crites.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the murder of John Mike Crites. Mike had made a number of enemies over the years during these land disputes. But, he had some people on his side as well. It seemed as though every neighbor who owned land around the area took up sides. The police looked at everyone who had run-ins with Mike, some of them armed confrontations. One man in particular stood out to them and they worked hard to put together a case against him.

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