Nick and Lisa Masee


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Nick and Lisa Masee were living what appeared to those around them to be a great life in Vancouver, Canada. But, even though they brought in a substantial income, they were deeply in debt. In 1994, the two began acting strangely in ways that were noticeable to those around them. In August of that year, they disappeared and have never been heard from or located.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the mysterious disappearance of Nick and Lisa Masee. Some of the details of their actions before they disappeared are troubling. This is a case that many people have speculated on over the years. Those speculations run the gamut from the Masees being killed over a business deal to them running off and setting up new lives somewhere in the world. Hear the facts for yourself and try to answer the burning question: What happened to Nick and Lisa Masee?

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