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Solomonster closes out another busy week with on Impact's Bound for Glory PPV, why he liked the closing angle with Moose winning the World title and Braun Strowman possibly coming in... Okada wins the G1 Climax in disappointing fashion as Kota Ibushi goes down to injury, while Shibata returns in a shocker... why Crown Jewel will go down as one of the best WWE offerings all year, and the belt swap on Smackdown will go down as one of the worst... TONS of notes on what led to the backstage confrontation between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, their "strained" relationship, why all of this could have been avoided if WWE had not booked themselves into a corner and how they can avoid this from happening in the future... Jim Ross diagnosed with cancer... Saturday Night DYNAMITE thoughts and Lance Archer's scary injury in the AEW World Title Eliminator... NXT Halloween Havoc predictions and the possible reason why MSK has been booed in the CWC for months... DARK SIDE OF THE RING review on Rob Black's XPW and the insane story of Messiah losing his thumb... and if Solomonster could manage ONE PERSON in wrestling today as their mouthpiece, who would it be? This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp - start living a happier life today by visiting and get 10 PERCENT OFF your first month!

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