The Joplin & Trice Murders in Blue Mound, Texas Part 4: Grand Jury


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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram shocked the locals when on March 3rd, 1976, they ran an article in their evening edition announcing that a grand jury investigation into the Joplin Family and Terry Trice murders in Blue Mound. It came out of nowhere. But Tarrant County Sheriff Lon Evans had asked for it the previous week, and subpoenas had gone out since. Because of an unwarranted arrest, a portion of the grand jury witness testimony leaked, and several aspects of it provide, perhaps, reason to believe the case was never what it seemed. Part 4 of ?
If you have any information about the 1976 Joplin Family murders, please contact the Blue Mound Police at (817)232-0665
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Grand Jury testimony, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, D Magazine’s Articles “Reopening the Blue Mound Massacre” by Tom Stephenson, and “Bad Day at Blue Mound” by Jim Atkinson were used as sources for this episode
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