S4 E12 - The Joint Before Xmas


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The joint was artfully constructed with three Tally Hos; a sort of stoner oragami. I sparked it behind Grandpa’s old shearing shed and it smouldered in the stifling Christmas Eve sun. Inhaling deeply, I felt my eyes droop and my brain numb.

As a teenager on Christmas Eve, I escape the watchful eyes of my relatives for a moment of solitude. However, when a fire breaks out, the family must come together in a collective effort to save the farm.

Nick Orchard is a Melbourne-based writer, social worker and former professional rapper. Nick has previously published on The Dad Website, and is currently writing a novel exploring themes of homelessness, community and overcoming trauma.


Memoria was written, produced, edited and presented by Natalie V.

I carried him was written and read by Nick Orchard. The story was sound edited by Jen Farrow.

Music in this episode was by Blue Dot Sessions, Sage the Hunter, When in the West and The Envelope.

Illustrations by Peta Manning. Her book, See Me Doodle, is out now.

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