Barry Hearn: Legendary Matchroom Found & Sports Promoter Talks Legacy & Building an Empire From Zero


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The first time Rob interviewed Barry Hearn is arguably one of the best TDE episodes ever! So, Rob is back again at matchroom headquarters where he interviews Barry for the second time all about his legacy. They discuss sport, business and the attributes and attitudes you need to have to be successful in life.


  • When Barry first started to make good money in his early days, his mum thought he was a gangster! Barry says his mum always wanted more for her children and it was her expectations and foundation that pushed him forward to be the success he is today.
  • Barry always wanted to be a sportsman, he tried very hard at a variety of things. He had a gold for enthusiasm but sadly this never translated into the sport. He soon discovered that what he was good at though, was making money. Barry had a lot of common sense and always ‘thought poor’ which was a great attitude to have in business. He combined his passion with his expertise and started getting involved in snooker and later on boxing.
  • Barry has only ever worked with sports that he has a passion for. He has never been able to do something just for money, he needs his own passion behind it. He says he is extremely lucky that they thing he has passion for makes him money.
  • Resilience is something that is built into you. Having resilience is a key trait in finding lasting success in life. If you add this to common sense and creativity it’s a winning combination.
  • In today’s world, it’s more important than it has ever been to be famous and to be known. You could be the greatest sportsman with the most talent but if no one knows who you are then you will not get the opportunities you need to be successful.


“I’m still ambitious at 73”

“It’s probably the best question I have ever been asked”

“What’s the point of a rainy day fund when it’s pouring and you don’t use it”

“We live in a world of characters and personalities, we have heroes and we have villains…the secret is you don’t ignore the traditional fame but you concentrate on the casual fame, that’s where they money is”



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