71. Leading The Artling Through the Covid-19 Crisis: A Conversation with Talenia Phua Gajardo


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Talenia Phua Gajardo, an alumna of HBS Executive Education’s Disruptive Innovation course, is Founder & CEO of The Artling, an online gallery and arts consultancy featuring a curated collection of art and design pieces from a myriad of artists, galleries, and designers. Founded in 2013, the organization aims to both showcase stunning works of art and to make them more accessible to a broader, international audience. As you’ll hear more about in this episode, the pandemic has presented The Artling with both challenges and opportunities, but of particular note is how Covid-19 has forced the rapid digitization of art galleries. Hosted by Chris Diak, Talenia discusses steps she’s taken to steer The Artling through choppy coronavirus waters; her thoughts on why people hire art and design; the importance of trust in this age of increasing e-commerce; how she’s thinking about pursuing growth and scaling her organization; the experience of art in-person versus through online platforms; and the future of the arts industry. We hope you enjoy this artful conversation!

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