64. Your Best Friend's Voice: A Conversation With Amelia Lin, Founder and CEO of Saga


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When was the last time you heard your best friend's voice? This question is at the heart of this week's episode of The Disruptive Voice. We're now seven months into a global pandemic that has torn and kept friends and families apart. In the midst of all this distance and distress, many are searching for ways to deeply and authentically connect with those they love. That's why we reached out to Amelia Lin, an alumna of HBS and Harvard College who is in the early stages of developing a social media platform called Saga that enables a refreshingly personal form of connection. Saga is a personal family podcast app designed to facilitate and store family histories, and one that has recently transformed into a new kind of social network. In this episode, Amelia discusses the story behind the app, some of the ways that it is currently being used, and the power of intimate, shared spaces to reshape our social media futures. She is hosted by Chris Diak, Program Assistant at The Forum and an M.Div. candidate at Harvard Divinity School.


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