HSR 2/10/22 McDonald's is Lying to You


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BREAKING NEWS! Bronx Johnny's disgusting leg is healing, McDonald's lets us all down with their food hacks, Eric Adams is feeding kids vegan garbage, a Bloomberg Terminal is the key to financial independence, the Crypto god Razzlekhan launders bitcoin as well as she raps, another woman gets duped into training for the fake DEA, and the Hamburglar strikes a Manhattan Trader Joe's.

Air Date: 2/10/22

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High Society Radio is 3 native New Yorkers who started from the bottom and didn't raise up much. That's not the point, if you enjoy a sideways view on technology, current events, or just an in depth analysis of action movies from 2006 this is the show for you.

Chris Stanley is the on air producer for Bennington on Sirius XM.

Bronx Johnny was a fixture on the Ron and Fez Show and is currently shaping the minds of children as an educator.

Chris from Brooklyn is a lifelong street urchin, a former head chef and current retiree.


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