Battle for the Ballot (with Franita Tolson)


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In June, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could deliver a huge blow to voting rights. The case, Moore v. Harper, could affirm the little-known “independent state legislature doctrine”— and could have dire consequences for democracy. Franita Tolson, a constitutional law professor at USC and an election law expert, is working to make it easier for people to vote. She and Preet break down the threat of voter suppression, and what to expect for the midterms.

Plus, Preet breaks down the many considerations that DOJ would need to weigh before indicting Donald Trump.

In the bonus for CAFE Insiders, they discuss felony disenfranchisement, the prospect of mandatory voting, and teaching constitutional law in the age of this particularly politicized Supreme Court. To listen, try the membership for just $1 for one month:

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