Dr Gabrielle Lyon | How to eat smart for your long-term health.


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My guest in this episode of the podcast is Dr. Gabrielle Lyon - a fellowship-trained physician and a private doctor to ‘the innovators and game changers’.

I came across Gabrielle’s Instagram feed because people I follow kept sharing her posts and that prompted me to follow her and then I got in touch to ask if she’d come on the show.

I wanted to dig into her expertise because she does extensive research, is up-to-date on all the clinical trials, and has evidence to back up everything she says - and we love that on this podcast, don’t we listeners?

The topic she has spoken about the most, the one that really piqued my interest is when she talks about the way we’re focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to health. There’s a huge focus on fat and the fact that we have an obesity crisis or are over-fat, but Gabrielle says that actually, the biggest issue, is that we’re under-muscled.

So, if you look at Gabrielle’s insta bio and see ‘muscle-centric medicine’ you’ll know, after listening to this episode, why this is such a keen area of her research.

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re conscious of your health choices and how they may impact you down the line then this episode is for you. This isn’t about being on a diet, eating less or being restrictive, Gabrielle’s insights help you eat smart.

During our conversation Gabrielle and I discuss:

  • Muscle as the organ of longevity.
  • Her experience of working in geriatrics and palliative care and how it influences how she practices medicine today.
  • What it’s like to be on the receiving end of criticism when making verified health claims on social media.
  • Her feelings about the Healthy At Any Size and Body Positivity movements.
  • Mid-life weight gain and why this is such a crucial time for your health.
  • The biggest false narratives that are rife on the internet that she wishes she could make go away.
  • Why so many people are calorie literate but we need to become more mindful of macros, in particular, protein.
  • Can a diet really suit someone?
  • Why she believes the evidence that shows that red meat and eggs aren’t a risk for cardiovascular health.
  • Whether it’s possible to undo the sins of your past (read: eating fast food in your twenties) and much more…

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