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Sam was born in the Sandhills of western Nebraska and raised on a large cattle ranch and spent his life working on starting various business’s. His passion for real estate investing has prevailed for over 20 years and has facilitated over 40 Million in commercial real estate sales in the United States.

Sam’s love for kite surfing brought him to the Dominican Republic’s North Coast over 16 years ago. He is an avid kite surfer and lives on the world renowned Kite Beach. The combination of a lower cost of living, lifestyle, friendly community, water sports, and climate has kept his heart here in the North Coast, Cabarete.

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About RealtorDR:

Our management team consists of individuals who have a proven track record in understanding the principles of the real estate market both locally and internationally. At Realtor DR, we stand for excellence, honesty, transparency, ethical conduct and integrity. These values are deeply rooted in our decision-making processes. As such, we will help all sellers, buyers, and investors, navigate the emotional as well as financial aspects of any real estate need, “No matter how BIG or how small.”



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