175 Killing Us Slowly With Linoleic Acid: How to Change that


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Clearly the issue of omega 6 to omega 3 ratio has been a topic for as least since I started med school in the early 1990s, last century now. This begs the question: if it has been an issue for this long than why haven't doctors been doing the very inexpensive lab test that would show this, the omega panel?
We'll I have been doing that and have been equally perplexed by the consistently lop-sided ratio in favor of extremely high omega 6. As a young doc I had assumed it was due to meat verses plant based diet. I now see that as nonsense it had to be from other sources.
The now obvious answer is the use of the ultra cheap seed oils: corn, soy, canola.
Time to examine when these oils came into our food, and how to reverse this in us personally.
Let this information change your life by acting on what you hear in this podcast, because it will. Good, accurate, relevant, information can change you IF ONLY you apply it.
Disclaimer:This video is not meant to diagnose, treat, or mitigate any medical condition. It is merely for personal educational use only.WATCH NEXT:
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