174: Why Samoans Living in New Zealand Get Type 1 Diabetes


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Did you know that Samoans living in New Zealand have an incredibly high incidence type 1 diabetes. It's an auto-immune disorder as opposed to type II which is life style induced .
A pediatrician who practiced in New Zealand was so concerned about this he began looking into it with his own patience. His Name was Dr. Robert Elliot. Dr. Elliot died in August 2020 just 2 months after he was knighted by the queen of England for his contributions to medicine. His research about the Samoan in his country lead him to discovering the difference between different types of cows, specifically between A1 beta casomorphin 7 and A2 beta casomorphin. The hunch, then the confirmation was controversial, and divisive in a country whose exporting of milk was one of the countries main industries.
The company A2 milk was created subsequently yet in countries where the economy is dependent on dairy product exports they still haven't accepted this difference.
As a physician I can confirm the fact the nearly everyone suffers from dairy consumption disorders merely from my 20 plus years of documenting it.
Listen the discovery, the background, and the symptomology of how dairy affects us all.
The Devil's In The Milk (book) by Keith Woodford https://www.amazon.com/Devil-Milk-Illness-Health-Politics/dp/1603581022/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=book%3A+the+devil%27s+in+the+milk&qid=1630611738&sr=8-1
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