173: Does Protein Increase your Blood Glucose Part 2: Debate with a Bariactric Surgeon Dr. Rob Cywes.


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This has always been a popular topic: does the protein you eat increase your blood glucose levels. "Spike your blood sugar levels" is what is used by those who want you to fear protein and become hyper vigilant your diet if not neurotic.
The relative truth of that statement depends on just one variable, and that is the amount of carbohydrates you consume.
Looking back on this 'debate' my only regret is that I was too polite, rather not aggressive enough in presenting what I knew was correct. I wasn't prepared for the manner of the debate, but learned quickly to push back.
The conclusion that should have been made clearer, is that if you are a person who has a lot of carbs and you have protein (really any form, but I generally mean whole food sources of meat, fish, poultry) your blood glucose levels will increase a lot. If your are on a protein sparing modified fast (ie just consuming whole food sources of protein) then it will not.
Enjoy the exchange, it's an interesting tussle of perspectives.
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