165: Can You Make Muscle While You Sleep?


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As life leads us all in one direction only, getting older, some things happen to us metabolically whether we want or not and that is obvious aging.
In terms of Muscle mass, muscle synthesis, protein requirements some factors are becoming clearer about what it is we must do as we get older both individually and collectively.
First, our protein requirement increases as we age (past 25) and especially after 50.
Second, our appetites decrease.
Third, our metabolism, shifts to breaking muscle down more quickly,
And fourth, we become far less active physically in our lives.
These factor are addressable, one by one. And when that happens an entire metabolic shift will take place along the lines of what is referred to as anti-aging.
Is it possible to increase MPS (muscle protein synthesis) in our sleep? Listen to what we can do to make this happen.
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