160: Is C8 MCT Oil a Healthy Bio-hack?


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Seven years ago, Dr. Karl started looking into how to purchase C8 MCT Oil in liquid form because it was not available anywhere. He thought it could help to heal his gut from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis and render his impending surgery unnecessary.

And it did! That made him look even deeper into why it worked so well. He learned all about ketones and how they were anti-inflammatory. That required him to learn about ketosis and the ketogenic diet. So, his fascination with the rabbit hole of exploration into C8 MCT Oil began and it has not stopped since.

Welcome to another episode of the Keto Naturopath. Today, we will be going over the history of the use of MCT oil. Dr. Karl had a product on Amazon for more than three years that was the highest natural source of caprylic acid triglyceride (C8) available in North America and Europe. He no longer sells his product on Amazon, but the story of how he got there is still valuable.


Mostly, fats get transported through the body as a triglyceride. Any triglyceride is made of three fats, so when Dr. Karl mentions C8 (meaning caprylic acid triglyceride), he is referring to the three individual fatty acids that make up caprylic acid.

Almost two years

Dr. Karl spent almost two years looking for a sustainably–harvested, natural source of caprylic acid triglyceride derived from palm oil.

Thinking about C8

He remembered from med school that one of the things you can use for gut problems was caprylic acid triglyceride, a supplement available at any pharmacy.

A product

Dr. Karl came out with his product in late 2015 and put it on Amazon.


Through that experience, Dr. Karl learned that there is a lot of dishonesty in marketing, particularly regarding supplements.

Three years

Dr. Karl kept his product on Amazon for about three years and went through a couple of cycles. Then, a few months ago, he took it off Amazon.


Now, he uses a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) to keep track of his glucose levels. He found that by using a little C8 on a snack, his blood sugar levels stay consistently low because it makes ketones. Ketone production is the preferential fuel for the brain, and the ketones keep his energy levels up.

A brain hack

Using a reasonable amount of C8 is a healthy brain hack for producing ketones.
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