159: Depression and Mood Disorders as a Mitochondrial Defect - What You Can Do


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Did you know that many blood sugar problems (dysglycemia) are closely related to psychological conditions, like bipolar, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorder? It is also almost unbelievable that approximately 60% of people with diabetes have some type of mental disorder, and some people have known genetic SNPs that predispose them to schizophrenia. That also makes one wonder about the connections related to bipolar and other mental disorders.

That concept was not etched in stone. But the curtain is currently being lifted on those conditions, and new connections are being made and explored. New ideas around processed food additions and methylation dysregulation are coming to light. Those ideas are opening the door to dietary interventions and orthomolecular (use of specific supplements) support.

In this episode, Dr. Karl tackles a big topic by segmenting it into smaller ideas to make it a little more coherent and easier to understand. Not everything that he talks about today has been proven, but some pieces of it have. So, when all the bits get put together, they provide an interesting solution for a cultural, environmental, personal, and human medical condition.

We’re talking about depression and various mental disorders within the context of a mitochondrial problem, like mitochondrial disorder or mitochondrial dysregulation.

An over-production of neurotransmitters

People with autism, dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), and addictions do not have an adequate regulatory process. They are therefore unable to control the production or breakdown of neurotransmitters. With even a little stress, things start to fall apart. Good nutrition via whole foods is the key.

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