157: Interview with an Icon: Dr. Alan Gaby and Nutritional Medicine (Part 2)


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This is the final part of the interview that Dr. Karl did with Dr. Alan Gaby, an internationally renowned researcher and physician who has focused on nutritional medicine. Dr. Gaby has been called the “Father of Nutritional Medicine”.

In this episode, they talk about DHEA and the results it has when used appropriately. They explain what labs generally do, and they talk about iron and why it is important. They also discuss the value of doing an elimination diet and much more.

Stay tuned! We hope you will enjoy the last part of Dr. Karl’s interview with Dr. Alan Gaby.


DHEA is a steroid hormone that gets produced naturally in the adrenal glands. In males, fifty percent of the DHEA gets produced in the testes and fifty percent in the adrenals. In females, only about ten percent of the DHEA comes from the ovaries. The other ninety percent comes from the adrenals.

DHEA and Menopause
When women are given DHEA as a supplement at menopause, it sometimes relieves some of their menopausal symptoms, and in a few cases that Dr. Gaby has seen, DHEA reversed some post-menopausal bone loss.

Autoimmune diseases

In medical literature, there is evidence that high doses of DHEA can be used for treating lupus. There is also evidence that rheumatoid arthritis-related conditions can be treated with DHEA.


Dr. Gaby recommends using standard labs to do the complete blood count and chemistry panel and determine the iron status and the thyroid, liver, and kidney function.

Ask questions

Dr. Gaby recommends getting a good history and talking to people. He feels that there is no substitute for asking as many questions as possible.

The review of systems

The review of systems is a checklist that can often contribute to an accurate diagnosis, if done thoroughly and carefully.


In the first part of his interview with Dr. Gaby, Dr. Karl mistakenly referred to the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle as the Tacoma Clinic.

Dr. Karl mentioned in the first part of the interview that he had bought the book Nutritional Medicine for $500. Dr. Gaby explained that the first edition of the book was sold for $300. It did cost more for the e-booklet or the surgical database, however. Right now, you can get both together for under $200.

In the first part of the interview, Dr. Karl mentioned that Dr. Gaby read 600 journal articles a month. Dr. Gaby has explained that that would be impossible. He clarified by explaining that when he has search criteria from the Library of Congress, amongst other things, he reads the table of contents of 600 journals for topics to follow up on nutritional supplements.

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