139: The Truth About Whole Food Protein: Life Changing


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There is so much noise and intentional misinformation around keto, low carb, and carnivore that people quit before they even start.

How my past has lead to creating the safest, most efficient method for long-term weight loss has meant learning to recognize intentionally misleading information and go around it. Based on labs, data tracking, and the addiction model of treating people due to the industrialization of the food manufacturing industry, the tonnage of processed foods produced primarily in the US is highly addictive. Knowing that the addiction aspect of processed food is created on purpose and by design, processed food is now considered an addictive substance, just like all the other well-known legal and illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, and all of the narcotic derivatives created from heroin, oxycontin.
Their goal is to create lifetime customers, and, to be able to legally create processed food items to include known addictive substances has been a ‘wonderful’ windfall for the industrial food complex post-WWII.
Carbohydrates (regardless of what they are) are addictive as well.
Let's go deeper on what this means precisely.
An addictive substance creates a craving. The craving is a demand that you act on the impulse to acquire immediately. Pick your substance - cigarettes, ice cream, donuts, and even to a far lesser degree coffee, but most certainly alcohol as well.

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