Joe Russo At The Sands International Film Festival: An Empire Podcast Interview Special


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The Gray Man — the latest movie from Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of little films like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame and Welcome To Collinwood — is on the cover of this month's Empire magazine (on sale now, folks, in all good, evil and virtual newsagents), and so we can finally bring you the latest Empire Podcast interview special: a one-hour chat between Joe Russo and our very own Chris Hewitt, recorded a few weeks ago in St. Andrews, Scotland. This is not an interview about The Gray Man. Instead, Joe was in Scotland to promote Sands, the first ever St. Andrews International Film Festival, of which he is a supporter and backer. In this in-depth interview, he tells Chris about his connection to St. Andrews and Scotland, and then goes deep on the early career of the Russo brothers, including stories about their first (and still unreleased) movie, Pieces, their big break into the business, their forays into television, and the circuitous journey that eventually landed them at Marvel Studios, where they made four of the biggest movies of all time in quick succession; success which allowed Joe and Anthony to form their own company, Agbo Studios, which is behind the likes of The Gray Man and Everything Everywhere All At Once. It's a fascinating chat with one of the most powerful and important figures in the business. Enjoy.

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