#556: November 2022 Update Show 1


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It is a BUMPER show of updates!!! Please take 2-3 minutes to fill out a survey letting us know how we can improve the AWS Podcast for you! You can fill out the survey here: https://bit.ly/3G9hrK4 through 4/11/2023! Chapters: 01:06 Analytics 06:56 Application Integration 12:10 Compute 22:36 Customer Engagement 26:20 Database 30:56 Developer Tools 33:09 End User Computing 35:50 Front-End Web & Mobile 36:43 Internet of Things (IoT) 38:56 Machine Learning 46:37 Management & Governance 56:24 Media Services 56:55 Migration & Transfer 58:52 Networking & Content Delivery 01:04:08 Quantum Technologies 01:05:28 Satellite 01:06:07 Security, Identity and Compliance 01:10:52 Storage Extended Shownotes: https://d29iemol7wxagg.cloudfront.net/556ExtendedShownotes.html

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