Annabella Rockwell Joins Giordano after Deprogramming from Liberal University Brainwashing


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Dom welcomes Annabella Rockwell, a Development Director at Prager U, joins the Dom Giordano Program after appearing on Fox News with her mother after her mother paid a deprogrammer to try and help remove the indoctrination from her daughter after attending a progressive University. Annabella explains the situation, telling how she believes she was brainwashed into distancing herself from her parent’s beliefs. Then, Annabella tells about the deprogrammer that her mother met with, offering some of the tactics that helped open her eyes for other parents to use with their kids. Annabella also discusses the cultural events that changed her mind, telling that the hypocrisy of the George Floyd protests really opened her eyes. Also, Rockwell takes us inside her experience at Mount Holyoke, telling why she felt pressure to change her beliefs to a certain way. (Photo by Getty Images)

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